How to Be a Good Dental Role Model for Your Child

Your child should be surrounded with great role models, and that starts with you. The best way your children will learn how to take care of their teeth is by learning from you. Instead of depending solely on your dentist to teach your child proper dental care, start the lessons at home.

Take Care of Your Own Teeth

If your child sees your distaste for regular brushing or flossing, he won’t feel inclined to take care of his teeth. The same goes for dental checkups. If you feel nervous or upset every time you see your family dentist—or you purposely avoid checkups—your child will think he should be scared when he visits his pediatric dentist. Instead, make dental care a fun and upbeat time. Sing songs and dance while you’re brushing, and find a dentist who makes the entire family comfortable.

Help Your Child Learn Proper Dental Care

Showing your child how to brush and floss properly is essential to his dental health. You both can visit your dentist and watch videos online to learn the best ways to care for your family’s teeth. Watching your child brush and floss, morning and night, will be a necessary task while he is still learning the basics of dental care. As he understands more, and can brush properly, you can give him more freedom.

Schedule Regular Checkups

As your child’s teeth grow, he should receive regular dental checkups. Taking care of baby teeth is important to the future function of adult teeth. A dentist should be sure the baby teeth, and eventually the adult teeth, are erupting properly. Your dentist can also help you to learn and teach your child the right way to care for his teeth.

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