Caring for a Baby’s Dental Health

As a new parent, you probably have a long list of tasks to do. One of the items on that list should be making an appointment with your pediatric dentist for your baby’s first dental checkup. It is recommended that children see a children’s dentist within their first year of life. In addition to making an appointment with your provider of pediatric dentistry, there some important steps that you can take at home to care for your baby’s dental health.

Keep your baby’s teeth clean.

If your baby is still too young to have any teeth, you can clean his or her gums with a soft washcloth or piece of gauze. Moisten the washcloth or gauze and wipe down your baby’s gums at least two times per day. Pay special attention to cleaning your baby’s gums after feedings. Once your baby’s first set of teeth has grown in, you can begin to brush them with a soft baby toothbrush.

Check for cavities and tooth decay.

Your pediatric dentist will alert you to signs of tooth decay or cavities during your baby’s first visit. At home, you can look for brown or white spotting close to the gum line or on the front teeth. To prevent your baby from developing tooth decay, be sure never to put your baby to bed with a bottle. Also, do not give your baby juice, unless he or she is over six months of age and it is with a meal.

Ease teething discomfort.

There are numerous teething aids available on the market. A clean and cool teething ring can ease some of the teething pain that your baby may experience. Rubbing your baby’s gums with your finger can also relieve teething pain. Ask your pediatric dentist to recommend a topical pain reliever that can be applied to uncomfortable gums and teeth.

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